The Green Scene

The Green Scene

The Green Scene

Environmental stewardship is a top priority at Broward Health. On Earth Day in 2010, an environmental mission statement and stewardship policy was made official, setting into motion a variety of environmentally preferred and sustainable procurement practices at Broward Health.

In 2012, Broward Health was one of two inaugural businesses to receive the Emerald Award Crown Jewel, which awards businesses for continued excellence in environmental stewardship. In addition, since 2000, Broward Health has been a recipient of Broward County's Emerald Award, which recognizes businesses, government or organizations demonstrating a commitment to protecting and preserving our environment.

Some of Broward Health's system-wide green initiatives include:

  • Reprocessing of single-use devices
  • Recycling (paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, lamps, cardboard, etc.)
  • E-waste (hard drives, batteries)
  • Food waste (solid waste converted to liquid)
  • Green office supplies
  • Green cleaning supplies and systems
  • OR waste reduction (med/surg kits and packs)
  • Recovery of solvents (formalin, alcohol, xylene)
  • Information Technology green initiatives
  • Converted to 100% green paper towels and tissue products

Going Green, Saving Green - By the Numbers

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Certification Partners

Broward Health’s SBE/MBE/WBE Certification process is a validation process used to determine if a company is eligible to participate in Broward Health’s Supplier Diversity program, as a Certified Diverse Vendor. Broward Health accepts various local, national, and federal SBE, MBE, and WBE Certifications. All vendors wishing to be recognized as Broward Health Certified Diverse Vendors (CDVs), must register in VRS and upload a current (valid more than 60 days of expiration) SBE/MBE/WBE certification certificate/document issued by one of Broward Health’s approved certification partners, listed below. Broward Health’s Certified Diverse Vendor -SBE status, also includes Service-Disabled Veteran-owned Small Business, Veteran-owned Small Business, Disadvantage Business Enterprises, and HUBZone Small Business.

Broward Health’s Certification Partners

Broward Health has a verification process for Small, Minority, and Women owned businesses that allow companies to self-declare diverse vendor status. Those diverse vendors that do not have a current SBE/MBE/WBE certification/document from one of Broward Health’s approved Certification Partners or choose not to be certified as a SBE/MBE/WBE with one of Broward Health’s approved certification partners are encouraged to complete a Verified Diverse Vendor (VDV) affidavit, affirming the company owner(s)’ minority ancestral origin, legal gender or the company’s small business status. Also, the affidavit attests that the company is 51% owned, operated and managed by minorities and/or women or is certified as a SBE or has self-declared SBE status with a Federal, State or Local governmental agency, not listed as an approved Broward Health certification partner. Vendors that register as a small business with the Federal Government, System for Award Management (SAM), must provide a copy of the firm’s SAM registration profile; noting the confirmed size standard by the SBA, DUNN number, and SAM Registration Expiration date.

However, it is the goal of Broward Health’s Supplier Diversity Program to have all vendors meeting the SBE/MBE/WBE certification criteria of one of Broward Health’s approved certification partners to become certified as such. The Verified Diverse Vendor status is intended to be a “temporary” status used to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the tracking of Broward Health’s procurement data for diverse vendors. Also,Verified Diverse Vendors are NOT eligible to participate in Broward Health’s Supplier Diversity Program enhancements (i.e., sub-contracting/2nd tier participation, RFQ - Quote Price Tolerance, RFP Scoring, etc.).

Certified Diverse Vendor Directory

Check your company’s Certified Diverse Vendor status with Broward Health by clicking here: Certified Diverse Vendor Directory.

Looking for Certified Diverse Vendors for 2nd Tier and Sub-contracting? Please review our Certified Diverse Vendor Directory.

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