Welcome to Broward Health


Welcome to Broward Health


Please follow each step to register as a lobbyist with Broward Health.

  1. Review the lobbyist policy, click HERE, in it's entirety so that you are thoroughly familiar with it before proceeding. You are also required to review the Lobbyist Registration Requirements, click HERE. By continuing with registration, you are agreeing to comply with the policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and related terms and conditions related thereto. Keep in mind that they may be updated from time to time. 
  2. Register as a lobbyist by completing the initial registration form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  3. Complete the registration form, including the required oath, which must be notarized.
  4. Complete the Principal Authorization Form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  5. Return both the registration form and the principal authorization form, along with applicable payment as indicated on the registration form.

Await confirmation of receipt of your registration form. You will receive notification via email with additional information and next steps. 

Once registered, use the Expenditure form to record your lobbyist-related expenditures. Click HERE to obtain the form. You may cancel your registration by completing the Cancellation form. Click HERE to obtain the form.

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Email: lobbyistregistration@browardhealth.org

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Phone: 954-473-7180

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Currently Registered Lobbyists

  1. David Albert / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 7f110b5f-78e2-48c9-984e-35854919273e Download
  2. Nichole Atkinson / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals eff98645-3dbd-45b7-872f-e99ebee824ce Download
  3. Ann Bachman / Carefusion Solutions, LLC / Medical Products & Services; Surgical Instruments, Genesis Impress caa83fbe-4e9d-4b11-bed3-9a51d03cca6f Download
  4. Roger Callava / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare fdfb9095-9833-4535-ba62-188f344a83fc Download
  5. Carrie A. Campbell / Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 79e05888-646a-405d-8141-7b010d5883ab Download
  6. Tracy Connell / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals b3776ac2-42d0-4157-a8db-065d078db4e5 Download
  7. David Copley / B Braun Medical, Inc. / Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Education b0c494b0-68f2-431b-8588-637f812c0f2a Download
  8. Dorothy Ann Craft / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare 16ebb9bb-9e1c-4c6d-8e3c-00ea8f647b49 Download
  9. Freeman D. Dixon / Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Inc. / Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare c3629e60-de19-402e-b0d2-bec3dedbeb6b Download
  10. Ena Elso-Borimonoff / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 2783fd55-c978-420c-aba8-a8b531cf102c Download
  11. Christina Estabrook / Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc / Pharmaceuticals 6ec85315-1be3-420e-8ad9-125953d616bf Download
  12. Allyson T. Fonte / Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals c2daa007-3914-4d2f-8767-915923bcbf70 Download
  13. George Gaffey / Armstrong Medical Industries, Inc. / Medical Carts, Equipment Training Aids 0c24a8e8-413c-4d05-995a-c7c128f392b1 Download
  14. Megan Gift / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products cd96cec1-4347-4936-b84a-8940266e3948 Download
  15. Samantha Gold / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 20fd6628-33ce-496b-892f-6355a0dc74ab Download
  16. Pamela Jones / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 2b0960a4-36e7-4980-a3cf-7b683abeaf67 Download
  17. Francesca Kester / Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals a3253c31-26b3-4700-8fd3-e02def8a970e Download
  18. Michael Kilgerman / Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group / Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals 48b2aa19-b11f-4fdd-b349-fe1a0cb74e9e Download
  19. Kristian A. Leon / Syneos Health / Diabetes Diagnostic Devices 8050be8f-8526-4e66-b28a-822345c388e5 Download
  20. Virgil R. Lijfrock / Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals 057cb76b-9086-4f14-a548-9c5838d2aeff Download
  21. Sarah Lowe / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare, Medtronic Products b7754388-d138-470c-9ce4-9f7e4f70d646 Download
  22. Matthew Mattone / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare 93d53eef-8a03-4ee8-9f69-40115c04711e Download
  23. Martha McCoy / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare dbda06cb-2c87-49f7-be11-22042e31f364 Download
  24. Curtis McGee / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare f868fd27-1c5e-4e0e-98d3-1e72c98e6102 Download
  25. Robert Merkel / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare e06d465b-40af-4f42-a6d8-a34ce52ac029 Download
  26. Raul Milian / Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals/Behavioral Health ac8c4b81-b826-4bca-854e-ad4a36118ebc Download
  27. Lynn Mossey / Astellas Pharma US, Inc. / Healthcare; Astellas Products 59823a53-0ecc-4374-af60-1d85258abb8a Download
  28. Aneesa Muccio / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals edabee44-5eb4-475e-a538-2652d35c33c4 Download
  29. Kathryn K. Pfahl / B. Braun Medical Inc. / Manufacturer of Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals f7540320-ef90-4b99-984a-06d19e903c9e Download
  30. Kevin Quigley / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare 72dba2be-4eeb-4d40-9057-96861f4752af Download
  31. Marilyn Ritchie / Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare c6105053-43da-4e44-ac82-7fd880ec7c32 Download
  32. Maria Rugarcia / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare; Astellas Products fbead9e3-c93a-4e39-8f0d-84a8c9c3ec7f Download
  33. Kristen Salerno / Takeda Pharmaceuticals America Inc. / Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare 823a8978-54ff-4853-84ee-7873fe4da8f4 Download
  34. Kimberly Silvestre / B Braun Medical, Inc / Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals 8aa664ad-1ff6-4973-813b-c8e04c15a1a8 Download
  35. Linda M. Stepien / Syneos Health / Healthcare & Education 381da9a7-9b42-4129-92c0-548da483c0f4 Download
  36. Kelli Walker / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare d75a9e46-8b12-461f-9154-0788da52b7de Download
  37. Paul Whitely / Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 6868255e-a8a9-440c-8816-1ed079c867e9 Download
  38. Audrey Willett / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 7e3aa3a4-2088-49c6-89ba-6f764e3fbf05 Download
  39. Nancy Willsey / Baxter Healthcare / Healthcare d21ef34c-97ce-43e6-a1fb-ef3f6cf78280 Download