Welcome to Broward Health


Welcome to Broward Health


Please follow each step to register as a lobbyist with Broward Health.

  1. Review the lobbyist policy, click HERE, in it's entirety so that you are thoroughly familiar with it before proceeding. You are also required to review the Lobbyist Registration Requirements, click HERE. By continuing with registration, you are agreeing to comply with the policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and related terms and conditions related thereto. Keep in mind that they may be updated from time to time. 
  2. Register as a lobbyist by completing the initial registration form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  3. Complete the registration form, including the required oath, which must be notarized.
  4. Complete the Principal Authorization Form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  5. Return both the registration form and the principal authorization form, along with applicable payment as indicated on the registration form.

Await confirmation of receipt of your registration form. You will receive notification via email with additional information and next steps. 

Once registered, use the Expenditure form to record your lobbyist-related expenditures. Click HERE to obtain the form. You may cancel your registration by completing the Cancellation form. Click HERE to obtain the form.

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Email: lobbyistregistration@browardhealth.org

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Phone: 954-473-7180

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Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Currently Registered Lobbyists

  1. David Albert / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 439626f6-060b-4094-8a47-24d74b3edba7 Download
  2. Angela Macneal / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 6dc5b18a-80da-49bd-abb9-5b175d2127f9 Download
  3. Brett Basinski / Novartis / Health and Pharmaceuticals ee063ba7-a070-4458-bbcc-c958a752cde4 Download
  4. Jessica Bayley / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 1120d2ab-347a-47d4-bbbe-883e0e50ca7b Download
  5. Susan Budd / Kaleo Inc. / Auvi-Q Education 403561cf-840e-4e40-a674-59f47f3bc637 Download
  6. Engel Burns / Novartis / Health and Pharmaceuticals e85e9113-908b-448c-a4d3-74c06b0043e0 Download
  7. Susan Carrubba / Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation / Health and Pharmaceuticals 37a178d8-f262-4b5c-b4f9-f7f65602f245 Download
  8. Lana Carter / Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation / Health and Pharmaceuticals 0fd80053-7651-4da9-9af2-a1de7ff469c6 Download
  9. Tracy Connell / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 9de2040a-0e99-48b5-b373-654ca49b2d01 Download
  10. Dorothy Ann Craft / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Peritoneal Dialysis ecc9753f-46c9-47c6-85fa-994fc8874aa0 Download
  11. Freeman Dwayne Dixon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Sales a971c645-d487-4950-aa7c-2a85e34c62c7 Download
  12. Taylor Dougherty / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 8970f1f2-5af4-4d16-b40f-6fbc9499bad1 Download
  13. Ena Elso-Borimonoff / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals c7ee6c28-b5ac-44ec-aee7-6bfc3ed483c7 Download
  14. Anthony Federico / Novartis / Health and Pharmaceuticals 3955b51f-2381-4145-81bc-56c2a5140218 Download
  15. Brooke Foster / Eversana Life Sciences / Pharmaceuticals f9ea0954-50f2-4d78-9b5e-a6056d69ee8c Download
  16. George Gaffey / Armstrong Medical Indus, Inc. / Medical Carts, Emergency Equipment & Training Aids f3ff0249-13b0-4062-ae0e-6328e8dbb301 Download
  17. Samantha Gold / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 92770704-dea8-446a-a5ef-8833f9e08d9c Download
  18. Dalimar Grospe / Indivior, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals a0547036-04c8-47f1-9e64-c9c737a53019 Download
  19. Crystal G. Hendrix / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Health / Pharmaceuticals 7c797af1-fc13-49c9-a70a-7800ed1abdb5 Download
  20. Castano Hugo / Janssen / Pharmaceuticals 6491445a-8fb4-4967-bace-9ba61a665403 Download
  21. Michael Kligerman / Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group / Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals c2b58145-2e7d-4882-b16d-294bdc1ba46f Download
  22. Mercedes Lemus / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 783bacbc-4302-4e43-978d-b31e57f88d9a Download
  23. Timothy Leysock / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation / Health / Pharmaceuticals fd3cbda1-6d0b-42a2-acab-1078b53342c1 Download
  24. Keith Lockwood / Indivior Inc. / Health and Pharmaceuticals f764e23b-a505-4431-b631-7d924779a5ad Download
  25. Mary Kathleen Logue / Actelion / Pharmaceuticals 88376adc-e6e0-444f-95ea-0589a2afbda9 Download
  26. Elizabeth Lucca / IQVIA CSMS US Inc / Pharmaceutical Services dae58a34-f6a3-4d37-8fb6-08941a912044 Download
  27. Brooke Masi / IQVIA CSMS US Inc / Pharmaceutical Services 45acc76b-f485-406d-a85d-14e24b26bd78 Download
  28. Matthew Mattone / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare cd70422b-54de-4360-9e2e-9ba5a3564d9e Download
  29. Martha McCoy / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare b1e832a2-4b9b-45d6-b637-e914ae327660 Download
  30. Robert Merkel / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare 03b8086a-5c4a-4313-887d-9e043865c5a5 Download
  31. Wendy Milk / AstraZeneca / Pharmaceuticals cb927b83-d7d6-4fde-b94f-1df5bb2d6a15 Download
  32. Holly C. Miller / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Health / Pharmaceuticals 863b7afd-bd1b-4101-831d-f385f22d6133 Download
  33. Reginald Mills / Indivior Inc / Health and Pharmaceuticals 9d4c43db-e2d1-4ecf-8a58-500ad49d94e3 Download
  34. Lynn Mossey / Astellas Pharma US, Inc. / Healthcare; Astellas Products 76ef1435-5036-4563-8aa3-4c55f25caeb9 Download
  35. James Nash / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp / Health Pharmaceuticals bff8dc53-e459-4c61-a921-2e584a3e04e0 Download
  36. Lavignia Perfecto / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Health / Pharmaceuticals 46ed5884-bb65-4d89-85a6-ca721ba07964 Download
  37. Elizabeth Remotti / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals fcb1aa18-15e0-4dc2-a0e1-677259fe4116 Download
  38. Kelly Rook / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation / Health and Pharmaceuticals ffb5dec5-4142-4695-a350-2b5ffc7be33c Download
  39. Harold Rosales / IQVIA CSMS US Inc / Pharmaceutical Services 7ddf8d2b-b9a1-4eee-aa3f-af3ff85caff4 Download
  40. Jeffrey Rosenstack / Kaleo Inc. / Auvi-Q Sales f093ee2f-2247-4f4c-8054-549b304578ea Download
  41. Pamela Rottman / Pfizer,Inc / Health Pharmaceuticals 543565fc-aebd-406c-a3ab-76e8f630e087 Download
  42. Maria Rugarcia / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products c33d37a1-3911-4b45-9a94-2302df42072f Download
  43. Jason Scocchera / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 5f012fbe-dd1f-41a6-82e4-874af3501265 Download
  44. Albert Solomon / IQVIA CSMS US Inc / Pharmaceutical Services 462ab849-95cb-467f-babf-9df86667d8f7 Download
  45. Kerri M. Somma / Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation / Health and Pharmaceuticals 833edf8c-6c16-46db-8f9f-1324e266accb Download
  46. Roxana Toro / Keith S. Kosoff / Pharmaceuticals 7d39269c-31ca-4d6d-afb4-966fb251e054 Download
  47. Vanessa Vinas / GlaxoSmithKline and Syneos / Pharmaceutical Sales ec2121e8-7e9d-4ca5-9fa1-5bc35d94cb27 Download
  48. Kelli Walker / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare 52474c48-091f-4e8a-8489-db5252f96825 Download
  49. William White / Novartis / Health and Pharmaceuticals 8aadbe92-8fa5-4b47-ac29-5d5eae7c54f6 Download
  50. Audrey Willett / Medtronic, Inc. / Healthcare and Medtronic Products 89b83364-037c-46f9-b3d0-725681f131c5 Download