Welcome to Broward Health


Welcome to Broward Health


Vendor Registration
Broward Health requires that all vendors be registered in the Vendor Registration System (VRS). VRS Registration is mandatory and supersedes all previous registration efforts undertaken by Broward Health.

If you have any questions about vendor registration, please contact Vendor Relations at 954-473-7289 or vendorrelations@browardhealth.org.

Vendor registration website: https://vendor.browardhealth.org/pages/vendor-registration-and-certification.

Lobbyist Registration
The District is strongly committed to preserving the integrity of its governmental and contractual processes. Therefore, all individuals and firms performing District lobbying activities, and those engaged in lobbying the District, shall be governed by, and adhere to, the applicable provisions of Broward Health policy GA-001-120 Lobbying and Lobbyist Activities.

If you wish to register as a lobbyist, please read below to determine if you meet the criteria.

Who needs to register as a lobbyist?

  • Any Non-District lobbyist who seeks to lobby the District.

Who is deemed a Non-District lobbyist?

  • Any person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying the District, its Board and/or employees, or a person who is principally employed for governmental affairs by another person or governmental entity to lobby the District, its Board and/or employees on behalf of that other person or governmental entity.

What it means to “lobby the District” or “lobbying the District”?

  • To communicate directly or indirectly, either in person, by telephone, letter, or any other form of communication, with any Board member, or any member of a Board Committee, or any District employee, whereby the lobbyist seeks to encourage the passage, defeat, modification, or repeal of any item which may be presented for vote before the Board, or any Board Committee, or which may be presented for consideration by a District employee or agent as a recommendation to the Board or Board Committee, or any employee making a final District procurement decision.

If you are a person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying the District, its Board and/or employees, or a person who is principally employed for governmental affairs by another person or governmental entity to lobby the District, its Board and/or employees on behalf of that other person or governmental entity, please submit the below documents to register.

  • A completed, signed and notarized lobbying registration form.
  • For new registrations only: a signed and completed principal authorization form.

By continuing with registration, you are agreeing to comply with the policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and related terms and conditions related thereto. Keep in mind that there may be updates from time to time.

At the end of the fiscal year, each Non-District Lobbyist shall submit a statement of expenditures related to lobbying activities before the District, its Board and its employees and agents, disclosing each lobbying expenditures in excess of $100.00 to any person or entity.

Mail completed forms to the below address.
Broward Health Corporate Offices
Attn: Vice President, External Affairs
1800 NW 49th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

The submitted lobbyist registration is valid for the fiscal year in which the form is received or as noted. All registrations expire at the end of Broward Health’s fiscal year. Broward Health’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Forms and Additional Information

Registered Lobbyists
As a reminder, the submitted lobbyist registration is valid for the fiscal year in which the form is received or as noted. All registrations expire at the end of Broward Health’s fiscal year. Broward Health’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Contact Us

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Email: lobbyistregistration@browardhealth.org

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Phone: 954-473-7180

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1800 NW 49th Street


Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Currently Registered Lobbyists

  1. Aaron Hall / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 477842eb-b8cf-4417-a603-593d44a7ecf9 Download
  2. Aleshia Adams / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 0cc3a4c7-fda6-4686-8f5d-215e746cf22a Download
  3. Alix Lauchlan / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 94a0d263-bfcc-43b5-88f9-cf4ff82c6299 Download
  4. Alyssa Skryd / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 48aeab1a-82d1-4f98-9593-32ebdec94eb7 Download
  5. Amit Garg / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals e1bd7925-0e7d-4aa2-a35c-ec0c1851fdad Download
  6. Angela Mollenauer / Lundbeek / Pharmaceuticals a02aad1e-87a2-48d0-b1ce-f1be2c38acc4 Download
  7. Anna Hite / Baxter Healthcare 1a07b4fb-fca5-45e5-a50c-28b3b7a6eb5f Download
  8. Ashley Gilbert / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals b7434c79-e59f-4013-a619-69102e174b90 Download
  9. Ashley Hill / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 0a4796c6-8d1b-40cd-a9fe-21dfdff49ad3 Download
  10. Barbra Sabbota / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals f297d021-887a-4753-ae56-378d1709f7ea Download
  11. Brenda Vescio / Macrohenics/Eversana / Metastatic Breast Cancer c43a6f0d-1e64-41b8-8b16-d4e509603693 Download
  12. Chris Ippolito / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals afe00399-1fc6-4d49-8a9c-d1386682ad7f Download
  13. Clark Hippler / GlaxoSmithKline / Pharmaceuticals Health & Safetv bdc0b4c3-f74e-4b02-8f01-75e6f982064c Download
  14. Cody Taplin / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 7f4648c7-2a16-458a-9b78-e3f4303183b3 Download
  15. Cynthia Holland / Syneos Health / Skin Health Representative cb614cf4-394c-4908-95a2-c9efb7b3684f Download
  16. Daniela Fernandez / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 6bac746d-f284-4e66-a6f0-186deaa15b56 Download
  17. David Albert / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals b7df215c-3314-4a2f-a413-f79cf0b95a8c Download
  18. David Bronstein b0d6870d-3def-4e1f-858e-8e1af3798e2b Download
  19. Diana Otero 0324f2a9-468c-4aaf-aa96-c49d74254483 Download
  20. Donald Medlin 832bec84-dad4-42f4-be8e-b76cb0a9bc9b Download
  21. Elena Uria / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals af0df6ca-cb12-4b74-9afc-4ae460438717 Download
  22. Elizabeth Montgomery / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 30ad2999-6eb6-437f-905b-7012041f926d Download
  23. Emily Caudle / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals e011ff0f-59f5-4abc-aeea-20e4b2914f15 Download
  24. Ena Elso-Borimonoff / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 4b0540be-90d7-4de5-88f4-84675b110878 Download
  25. Eric Seeley / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 52f66cfb-4980-4c5e-9b9b-c2222b6e8af8 Download
  26. Ernest Chacon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 8e235759-b942-4d15-8664-fe7aa0874ee3 Download
  27. Freeman Dwayne Dixon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 8bcc5369-3298-4c4c-9868-5ee157fd443e Download
  28. Genevieve Scadden / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals abf1d3cb-d7fb-4766-b6de-e1ac030bd85a Download
  29. George Gaffey / Armstrong Medical Indus., Inc. e5e27b2f-df5b-4aff-a14d-3f1b44ad3bff Download
  30. Haley Louis / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals d9fcfabe-153e-4701-993a-013e5363eec9 Download
  31. Heather Smith / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 7c72ee7e-3216-40b1-9313-21170f3fc468 Download
  32. Hilary Rothberg / Randy Scheid, Trevena / Pharmaceuticals c629cf46-78b6-4dc0-8cf9-271fe62b9b49 Download
  33. Holly O'Connell / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 4f25b374-5609-4f01-9ab1-086c62326685 Download
  34. Holly Spoonley / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 2ee8d85e-bba8-4d1a-9e2e-5cb59cf952ef Download
  35. Hugo Castano / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals f4f2ece8-8e78-4d44-87e3-62380b0709a6 Download
  36. Jade Sluyter / Servier Pharmaceuticals a00cd944-5bc0-4483-b868-81750eeb0fc4 Download
  37. Jason Scocchera / Medtronic, Inc. 57e71467-4bc7-413c-bf78-8cae72b03077 Download
  38. Jean Anderson / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 6814d3fc-f57b-47f8-9b1b-996edde46bc1 Download
  39. Jean Maestre / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals d32d42f6-b355-453e-8a5e-6130f3089035 Download
  40. Jessica Alliot / Paratek Pharmaceuticals / Antibiotics 74460d6c-434a-4d63-89fa-8fd86cfaea40 Download
  41. Jessie Hammond / Syneos Health 17165854-6fda-42af-ad8d-4738350de329 Download
  42. Joan Race / Syneos Health / Biopharmaceuticals Solutions ff88d219-206b-4db8-8de7-a1112fe8ffe8 Download
  43. John Isben / Syneos Health 53387e21-7291-45d4-8997-8a863d313dd2 Download
  44. Jose Almenara / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals c7d0e800-98e4-4a4f-a257-04abf274acb9 Download
  45. Joseph Nowell / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 6cb5194c-15dc-4579-a495-9e1496428d3d Download
  46. Josephine Jean-Postell / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 8b9d0306-e4c8-4f4d-9f9b-b9871fa7444b Download
  47. Kelli Walker / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare 53f8e425-06cc-4c95-b597-b89a85b542c6 Download
  48. Kelly Campbell / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 5508d027-e665-496f-b2db-427f6dfbbad0 Download
  49. Kelly Phelps 983c9039-82fb-4750-963a-b9056bd3346b Download
  50. Lesly Kujawa / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals ba832dc2-993f-4995-bc7d-4e6a61bb9949 Download
  51. Lindsay Bebout / Indivior Inc. / Healthcare, Medications and Pharmaceuticals 04d686da-f4f3-4c1c-9c59-77ccc0426fae Download
  52. Lonna Mollison / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 6a3d0a84-5317-4241-8a3d-2a4dfacc6bcd Download
  53. Lucas Crane / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals c1b4db36-3a99-416e-9885-719573803b01 Download
  54. Lynae Genders / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 968b2cd7-5f4e-4f2c-865e-8a771e37f0da Download
  55. Lynn Mossey / Astellas Pharma US, Inc. 78195810-c740-495c-a06d-390a4bbee9eb Download
  56. Maria Rugarcia / Medtronic, Inc. a1a99922-afe7-4da9-b783-d1c2619d2ae4 Download
  57. Mark Baker / UCB, Inc. / Health and Healthcare 643b2d08-68f5-4fd7-9e01-fe3a84598201 Download
  58. Mark S. Gallo / Syneos Health / Vendor - Product Pharma 81408bc7-4086-4c28-8ed8-1dbabc7810ce Download
  59. Martha McCoy / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare 7fd97cae-54f2-452e-a7fb-35eb20e54fbd Download
  60. Mercedes Lemus / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 1c3f1d5d-aea3-4db8-ba48-f117ca96bf84 Download
  61. Meredith Paetz / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 721f33a4-bbb1-4873-9be8-10acd692a829 Download
  62. Michael Kligerman / Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group / Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals ef1d901d-50e3-4182-869f-c6b7f14c6be7 Download
  63. Michael Zell / Syneos Health 454a8c65-caea-4f6c-8763-526f3c2ef6a4 Download
  64. Michelle Hernandez / No principal listed 12f92e90-99a4-421d-b3ad-50208a545b4b Download
  65. Miguel Gomez / Syneos Health f5cb6698-90df-402e-9182-3e61206b2386 Download
  66. Pamela Wheatley / Syneos Health / Medical Education 387aed39-f2d0-4b87-899f-44f756683b14 Download
  67. Rae Bain / Paratek Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals e46f0fae-dd53-4807-823b-e46f3105523b Download
  68. Reganne Jeannine Steffy / IPSEN Biopharmaceuticals Inc. d19785e4-afcf-45fa-9cd6-29aa42c1aa80 Download
  69. Regina Smith / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals d6e5112f-2a48-44c5-b864-2a1308d9c0ae Download
  70. Richard Anderson / Clarus Therapeutics / Pharmaceuticals f943150e-f2a2-4774-99fa-426eb49a47bd Download
  71. Richard Breitenstein / Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 73a53136-11d3-4098-bbc3-a05ee2e5ad06 Download
  72. Richard Stein ae068c94-b3ad-4a78-9ab9-22b37944d377 Download
  73. Robert Parr / Syneos Health 67a7005f-2bc2-4b65-9004-7e0d50cfb4c6 Download
  74. Robert Pino / Regeneron Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals d9dc1169-20b4-4731-924a-d35dcc1834ba Download
  75. Rosemarie Hoyt / Syneos Health / Contract Sales 76040ab6-a849-49a4-a3b6-83bfc671cf9a Download
  76. Samantha Gold / Medtronic, Inc. 7a991192-e2b6-497e-880c-bf788b252bf1 Download
  77. Sandra Duque / Corium Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals 7306d8a2-3849-429d-83c6-a8888f852faa Download
  78. Schan Starkey / Syneos Health / Patient Healthcare a5e54f74-b9f4-47c6-af66-20c6e5412820 Download
  79. Severns Tomescu / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals a64c9599-015e-4e9c-a190-5a52ced66b90 Download
  80. Sheila Wyner / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals de80f5ab-0e8f-4ef7-808e-c006ff23114f Download
  81. Sifat Raquib / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals f7fe1f54-5e80-40dc-bc96-3b1c027db55e Download
  82. Stephanie Pomares / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 17df014b-8823-4f99-802a-855461096bcd Download
  83. Stephanie Read / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 4c7c43ab-6860-4f94-8d0e-5555263db305 Download
  84. Susan Budd / Kaleo Inc. af0d8b5d-cfa5-42b5-b981-ba0fe05cdd72 Download
  85. Suzanne Guzzo / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 7b11165d-5fb8-40eb-9015-c4f719b7878c Download
  86. Teresa Allen / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 1a872232-9f05-4e93-aef8-a88f6304d8ea Download
  87. Terri Lawrence / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals ed4b4298-7a2d-4fe9-8bcd-6ac7ca753cfa Download
  88. Tricia Ellis-Costa / IQVIA CSMS US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals b523dd5b-3bbe-40f8-9cf4-15cad7fd112e Download
  89. Vanessa Vinas / Syneos Health d36d040d-92ad-451b-961c-902e04b3b397 Download
  90. Wesley Lawson / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals Sales b7042137-afd0-48f0-b2c8-a1c664b5179b Download
  91. William Owen / Randy Scheid, Trevena / Pharmaceuticals 162a1e6c-75da-4d43-8440-5d8d753b14a8 Download