Welcome to Broward Health


Welcome to Broward Health


Vendor Registration
Broward Health requires that all vendors be registered in the Vendor Registration System (VRS). VRS Registration is mandatory and supersedes all previous registration efforts undertaken by Broward Health.

If you have any questions about vendor registration, please contact Vendor Relations at 954-473-7289 or [email protected].

Vendor registration website: https://vendor.browardhealth.org/pages/vendor-registration-and-certification.

Lobbyist Registration
The District is strongly committed to preserving the integrity of its governmental and contractual processes. Therefore, all individuals and firms performing District lobbying activities, and those engaged in lobbying the District, shall be governed by, and adhere to, the applicable provisions of Broward Health policy GA-001-120 Lobbying and Lobbyist Activities.

If you wish to register as a lobbyist, please read below to determine if you meet the criteria.

Who needs to register as a lobbyist?

  • Any Non-District lobbyist who seeks to lobby the District.

Who is deemed a Non-District lobbyist?

  • Any person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying the District, its Board and/or employees, or a person who is principally employed for governmental affairs by another person or governmental entity to lobby the District, its Board and/or employees on behalf of that other person or governmental entity.

What it means to “lobby the District” or “lobbying the District”?

  • To communicate directly or indirectly, either in person, by telephone, letter, or any other form of communication, with any Board member, or any member of a Board Committee, or any District employee, whereby the lobbyist seeks to encourage the passage, defeat, modification, or repeal of any item which may be presented for vote before the Board, or any Board Committee, or which may be presented for consideration by a District employee or agent as a recommendation to the Board or Board Committee, or any employee making a final District procurement decision.

If you are a person who is employed and receives payment, or who contracts for economic consideration, for the purpose of lobbying the District, its Board and/or employees, or a person who is principally employed for governmental affairs by another person or governmental entity to lobby the District, its Board and/or employees on behalf of that other person or governmental entity, please submit the below documents to register.

  • A completed, signed and notarized lobbying registration form.
  • For new registrations only: a signed and completed principal authorization form.

By continuing with registration, you are agreeing to comply with the policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and related terms and conditions related thereto. Keep in mind that there may be updates from time to time.

At the end of the fiscal year, each Non-District Lobbyist shall submit a statement of expenditures related to lobbying activities before the District, its Board and its employees and agents, disclosing each lobbying expenditures in excess of $100.00 to any person or entity.

Mail completed forms to the below address.
Broward Health Corporate Offices
Attn: Vice President, External Affairs
1800 NW 49th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

The submitted lobbyist registration is valid for the fiscal year in which the form is received or as noted. All registrations expire at the end of Broward Health’s fiscal year. Broward Health’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Forms and Additional Information

Registered Lobbyists
As a reminder, the submitted lobbyist registration is valid for the fiscal year in which the form is received or as noted. All registrations expire at the end of Broward Health’s fiscal year. Broward Health’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30.

Currently Registered Lobbyists

  1. Adriana Guerra / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 4e5972ef-a162-48a2-9260-7666924184ad Download
  2. Alex Obenauf / KPMG LLP/ Consulting de75a82a-a043-46ff-8ea8-aad0486b43cc Download
  3. Amber Murphy / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 2eb7cec1-ae62-4249-af03-716185bcd6cc Download
  4. Amit Garg / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 73d1ca85-32c7-497f-a80e-53cf5254702b Download
  5. Andrew Haskins / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions a85da4a4-40f8-4382-9085-97e934d76440 Download
  6. Anthony Monaco / KPMG LLP/ Professional Services 60abc71e-22c8-462d-97f1-82d755436113 Download
  7. Anthony Olvey / Theratechnologies / Pharmaceuticals 8599ca1d-4f7f-4766-b7d2-cbb62e282198 Download
  8. Ashley Peo / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services a7d0cee4-f700-44ed-9387-ad990eaa75ca Download
  9. Audrey Stern / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals e63ffdc8-6e77-4308-bd60-eedaf6c7820e Download
  10. Barbara Zink / 3M Company / Manufacturing feb09cc3-a0fb-4c16-9132-810bf32fc5a4 Download
  11. Brenna Monty / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Sales f22848ee-4964-4bd3-aabe-1d751379fa86 Download
  12. Brett Basinski / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 1bda6ae4-49e5-4e1b-8088-93ef618f8b38 Download
  13. Brian Rosenberg / KPMG LLP / Professional Services 45df2cb2-3300-447d-9e4a-4fb92780c171 Download
  14. Brooke Foster / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals cf09774f-72c7-422c-8f94-bb01ceb836c0 Download
  15. Carolina Riveron / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions 1981b1dd-81b1-4853-854b-d8bb16e1bfb7 Download
  16. Cherise Correll / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 7f435790-3bda-4239-91ad-f7315e380b7b Download
  17. Chris McDougald / Henry Schein / Healthcare Solutions ea6ff57e-b943-49e8-a1c3-4b24a21b7402 Download
  18. Christopher Hollon / Akebia Therapeutics / Pharmaceutical Sales d2666010-dedc-4df0-9739-f2684fa7c6e8 Download
  19. Cristina Essig / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 7cea167b-5c79-4419-b044-9da2febecc0d Download
  20. Cynthia Holland / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals fc1f1493-5f64-4b4b-b922-4f2acc4b37e5 Download
  21. David Albert/ Pfizer Inc / Pharmaceuticals 129450f7-4c5a-4594-80c6-861f24baf40e Download
  22. David Muir / KPMG LLP/ Consulting 25798719-dc10-4949-b5de-fd55399aae2f Download
  23. David Pasquale / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Sales 7c1ef06e-053c-439e-97c0-8738a6c712c6 Download
  24. Deborah Foster / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions 6c835ef2-6d07-45cf-9eb5-f6f141fdc2c6 Download
  25. Delaney Morris / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals e6520257-e25b-4c62-9942-0e1c1259c3f4 Download
  26. Diana Otero / Sobi Pharma / Pharmaceuticals 2f0707b4-ab34-4b16-9f7f-6590ac0727ef Download
  27. Donata Domond / Genentech Inc / Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals 50510c27-e4eb-4976-934c-94ef395115a0 Download
  28. Drew Cobb / KPMG LLP / Professional Services 8b641908-688e-46de-a255-15cd16e43c2b Download
  29. Duane Cash / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Sales 3012fdde-b604-4652-a3fd-2d8d03e52c32 Download
  30. Edan Clark / Regeneron / Pharmaceuticals 13a20b13-8136-42fd-a0dc-5623b1f924b7 Download
  31. Edilberto Gonzalez / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions 7ffcac50-5473-40eb-b1ef-6cee913434f1 Download
  32. Eileen Almon / Syneos Health/VBI Vaccines / Pharmaceuticals 11d1a09a-5092-497f-b1c2-24a540b03e40 Download
  33. Ena Elso-Borimonoff / Pfizer Inc/ Pharmaceuticals 14f64983-187f-48f3-9932-96bfc8fbcda1 Download
  34. Erica Falk / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 301dd746-7b4d-4a03-931b-d608941fb5e4 Download
  35. Ernesto Chacon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 10fdd130-e5aa-452a-8fdb-069a69e2614b Download
  36. Hannah Yoder / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services 6e5260df-4c46-4670-8e86-4f034d934bb1 Download
  37. Heather Frazier / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals abf8560c-fe9f-47db-9ce8-09357069be80 Download
  38. Homer Enano / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions 798ceedf-4476-472c-b9ee-4acd58ef469f Download
  39. Jade D. Sluyter / Servier Pharma / Pharmaceutical Sales And Promotion 7f9f5307-8fae-44d2-b656-c2d7548d9557 Download
  40. Janessa Rodriguez / Incyte / Biopharmaceuticals 2ac38ef0-812f-4a87-adb7-ae620f9a3c86 Download
  41. Jason Bowers / KPMG LLP / Professional Services 8917faa8-4f9f-4e23-8a34-b8aeb33ccba8 Download
  42. Jean Serfaty / Tolmar / Pharmaceuticals 442a2992-9080-4846-8de4-c39f98fe8481 Download
  43. Jeffrey Fulop / Akebia Therapeutics / Pharmaceutical Sales 00118826-15d0-4e74-a15b-39d31c6bc6a2 Download
  44. Jenifer Zomick / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 9a1d4fe4-7d64-4916-98a0-25cb432e0a0d Download
  45. Jessica DeCristofaro / Incyte / Biopharmaceuticals 078780b2-05ce-45b6-b8de-474943174f62 Download
  46. Joan Race / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 7323d890-e739-454a-9269-4ccdbc5ca5fd Download
  47. John Pepio / Henry Schein / Healthcare Solutions c120cd82-ff7d-4e1d-8693-94ba7cbafd69 Download
  48. John Turner / Henry Schein / Health Care Solutions f4fffef8-0094-4d1b-af20-77c3cb39b519 Download
  49. Jorge Rodriguez / Henry Schein / Healthcare Solutions 702050b8-8e2e-4f1c-8ee1-6438143a4565 Download
  50. Joseph Mirabella / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions df9917e5-00d3-4580-8dca-4ac0b3acdb6d Download
  51. Kathryn Lyles / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals fec6115d-c920-444a-8475-5faa4a7dcd2a Download
  52. Kelli Walker / Baxter Healthcare Solutions / Healthcare Solutions 76e9e47e-5774-4528-af16-ab5b91253d7e Download
  53. Kelly Hirschensohn / Incyte / Biopharmaceuticals 962d056e-416c-45f8-a043-437b51f79fb4 Download
  54. Kelly Phelps / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals a277951c-23d0-4a32-ad61-bf712f7e6b85 Download
  55. Kentaura Richardson / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services b6b82a84-1b93-4763-930d-522de67f2f3a Download
  56. Kevin Welsh / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services f5686d55-88f6-49c3-a1d3-aed6e8b7a9ff Download
  57. Kim Kaler / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Services 691ef8e7-ae8c-4d0f-85ea-48af0a039421 Download
  58. Kristopher Savastano / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals a17da1dc-c9c4-4ebd-8ab3-a7c7a197cd3a Download
  59. Laurel Spurgeon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 28198831-7d74-460c-b377-58bfc6d21627 Download
  60. Lauren Campbell / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 77653b62-5ab5-4890-96a4-638433aba484 Download
  61. Leslie A. Roman / Noven Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals df957fba-391c-42f7-8ef2-d9a4f16512e7 Download
  62. Leslie Bagli / Theratechnologies / Pharmaceuticals 3646d2c5-0192-4d5f-a6c4-efdb0f8bd0df Download
  63. Leslie Valentine / Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals 5e6bd194-925a-4218-865d-7f204a18bf4b Download
  64. Marci Williams/ Pfizer Inc/ Pharmaceuticals 7062eb77-d436-4c33-a0ad-930b03d04f29 Download
  65. Maria Maza Biammattei / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 2de3600e-4377-488d-8837-de7f58c3194a Download
  66. Maria Rugarcia / Medtronic Inc/ Healthcare 0189b867-977b-4766-9eda-95ceeb1b4f78 Download
  67. Mark Baker / UCB, Inc / Healthcare 00738b70-4a43-406c-83b3-9582408eedd6 Download
  68. Mark Castano / Syneos Health/ Pharmaceuticals 90f2b2a0-67f5-4b99-9595-a04b65ca61c9 Download
  69. Miguel Gomez / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 1981710f-7824-4c98-812a-a5eed4fedaec Download
  70. Miguel Quintana / BioCryst / Pharmaceutical Manufacturer 7b0aabf3-fd7f-4ed2-8b1b-a17be267664b Download
  71. Nathan Kieper / Regeneron / Pharmaceutical Services 9a986b55-ab82-4cb7-8d82-8637bee1a59d Download
  72. Nella Bartels / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals e74687a2-be55-4c3e-84ed-e3ec70878967 Download
  73. Nicklaus Beard / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions 24543894-ce0f-4399-82d1-479223a975d6 Download
  74. Norma Gonzalez / Syneos Health / Pharmaceutical Services b5c1a6b9-2234-4fef-a1d9-d9fd862d17be Download
  75. Patricia Wegman / Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals Inc / Biopharmaceuticals ea9911d8-7ddc-4c72-aa2b-d5f4786f9734 Download
  76. Petra Kanaris / Incyte / Biopharmaceuticals 7d18181d-d2f4-48fc-89e7-3e271db8db27 Download
  77. Preval Pierre / Syneos Health/ Commercial Sales b59d0cc8-2dd0-460d-a77b-f2b0d8650262 Download
  78. Rae Bain / Paratek Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals 010cca89-4516-458b-96df-88924114fda8 Download
  79. Rebecca Lopez-Ruiz / Akebia Therapeutics / Pharmaceuticals 2fba2456-7259-4096-97e1-d0caef29945b Download
  80. Robert Hummer / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions f065a1ab-78ed-4077-bedd-2eb3ae35ef14 Download
  81. Ruby Yogita / Chiesi Farmaceutici/ Pharmaceuticals 8e0e9671-d9bd-4295-a50e-1b8a939a4c73 Download
  82. Samuel E Marin Bermudez / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services 178b78be-8225-4b37-8767-545586af3150 Download
  83. Shannon Leveille / Incyte / Biopharmaceuticals d1ed418b-f997-4044-8ee8-58b061393762 Download
  84. Susan Budd / Kaleo Inc/ Pharmaceutical Services c6c7e54e-afcc-46e0-9541-06fd2bf61c82 Download
  85. Sydney Nemtuda / Tolmar / Regional Sales Director 9767e71f-8559-4eb0-83cc-05886e1bb074 Download
  86. Tamara Henderson / Syneos Health/ Pharmaceuticals 8a5698bd-42f0-4223-8c8e-9082c19fdbfd Download
  87. Taylor Patrick Biehl / Advocate Radiation Oncology / Oncology Practices c8de5908-80b6-4bdd-ac6a-8be8cd28331c Download
  88. Taylor Rapaport / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 88d3e12a-a8ca-4beb-92d7-a5af5e435f49 Download
  89. Terri Lawrence / IQVIA CSMS / Pharmaceutical Services f952ed4a-801a-40e6-918f-90a939630a6e Download
  90. Todd Marshall / Henry Schein Inc / Healthcare Solutions ff61b65c-cbd5-42b0-85a2-bfacfa16d613 Download
  91. Zachary Owens / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 464ccd67-eba9-4cdc-940f-8d601e66ec94 Download

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