Welcome to Broward Health


Welcome to Broward Health


Please follow each step to register as a lobbyist with Broward Health.

  1. Review the lobbyist policy, click HERE, in it's entirety so that you are thoroughly familiar with it before proceeding. You are also required to review the Lobbyist Registration Requirements, click HERE. By continuing with registration, you are agreeing to comply with the policy and all applicable laws, rules, regulations and related terms and conditions related thereto. Keep in mind that they may be updated from time to time. 
  2. Register as a lobbyist by completing the initial registration form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  3. Complete the registration form, including the required oath, which must be notarized.
  4. Complete the Principal Authorization Form. Click HERE to obtain the form.
  5. Return both the registration form and the principal authorization form, along with applicable payment as indicated on the registration form.

Await confirmation of receipt of your registration form. You will receive notification via email with additional information and next steps. 

Once registered, use the Expenditure form to record your lobbyist-related expenditures. Click HERE to obtain the form. You may cancel your registration by completing the Cancellation form. Click HERE to obtain the form.

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Email: lobbyistregistration@browardhealth.org

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Phone: 954-473-7180

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1800 NW 49th Street


Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Currently Registered Lobbyists

  1. Anna Hite / Baxter Healthcare 1a07b4fb-fca5-45e5-a50c-28b3b7a6eb5f Download
  2. Cynthia Holland / Syneos Health / Skin Health Representative cb614cf4-394c-4908-95a2-c9efb7b3684f Download
  3. Danielle Au / IQVIA CSMC US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 045da777-2e41-4a4d-99f5-c59193c528f4 Download
  4. David Albert / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals b7df215c-3314-4a2f-a413-f79cf0b95a8c Download
  5. Ena Elso-Borimonoff / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 4b0540be-90d7-4de5-88f4-84675b110878 Download
  6. Freeman Dwayne Dixon / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 8bcc5369-3298-4c4c-9868-5ee157fd443e Download
  7. George Gaffey / Armstrong Medical Indus., Inc. e5e27b2f-df5b-4aff-a14d-3f1b44ad3bff Download
  8. Heather Smith / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals 7c72ee7e-3216-40b1-9313-21170f3fc468 Download
  9. Hilary Rothberg / Randy Scheid, Trevena / Pharmaceuticals c629cf46-78b6-4dc0-8cf9-271fe62b9b49 Download
  10. Jason Scocchera / Medtronic, Inc. 57e71467-4bc7-413c-bf78-8cae72b03077 Download
  11. Joan Race / Syneos Health / Biopharmaceuticals Solutions ff88d219-206b-4db8-8de7-a1112fe8ffe8 Download
  12. John Isben / Syneos Health 53387e21-7291-45d4-8997-8a863d313dd2 Download
  13. Lonna Mollison / IQVIA CSMC US Inc. / Pharmaceuticals 6a3d0a84-5317-4241-8a3d-2a4dfacc6bcd Download
  14. Maria Rugarcia / Medtronic, Inc. a1a99922-afe7-4da9-b783-d1c2619d2ae4 Download
  15. Mark Baker / UCB, Inc. / Health and Healthcare 643b2d08-68f5-4fd7-9e01-fe3a84598201 Download
  16. Martha McCoy / Baxter Healthcare Corporation / Healthcare 7fd97cae-54f2-452e-a7fb-35eb20e54fbd Download
  17. Michael Kligerman / Genentech, Inc., A Member of the Roche Group / Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals ef1d901d-50e3-4182-869f-c6b7f14c6be7 Download
  18. Michael Zell / Syneos Health 454a8c65-caea-4f6c-8763-526f3c2ef6a4 Download
  19. Michelle Hernandez / No principal listed 12f92e90-99a4-421d-b3ad-50208a545b4b Download
  20. Pamela Rottman / Pfizer,Inc / Health Pharmaceuticals d663ae21-a9c2-452f-83b9-c2c2b29212b2 Download
  21. Robert Parr / Syneos Health 67a7005f-2bc2-4b65-9004-7e0d50cfb4c6 Download
  22. Rosemarie Hoyt - Ildiko Tiger / Syneos Health / Contract Sales 2bbb71ab-107e-4342-9d38-d405880226b4 Download
  23. Samantha Gold / Medtronic, Inc. 7a991192-e2b6-497e-880c-bf788b252bf1 Download
  24. Sandra Duque / Corium Pharmaceuticals / Pharmaceuticals 7306d8a2-3849-429d-83c6-a8888f852faa Download
  25. Suzanne Guzzo / IQVIA CSMC US Inc./ Pharmaceuticals 7b11165d-5fb8-40eb-9015-c4f719b7878c Download
  26. Tracy Connell / Pfizer, Inc. / Pharmaceuticals f1f6a62c-40e6-46aa-9dc7-c34a95ca6501 Download
  27. Vanessa Vinas / Syneos Health d36d040d-92ad-451b-961c-902e04b3b397 Download
  28. Wesley Lawson / Syneos Health / Pharmaceuticals Sales b7042137-afd0-48f0-b2c8-a1c664b5179b Download
  29. William Owen / Randy Scheid, Trevena / Pharmaceuticals 162a1e6c-75da-4d43-8440-5d8d753b14a8 Download