Vendor Registration and Small Business Vendor Certification

Vendor Registration and Small Business Vendor Certification

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Vendor Registration

Broward Health requires that all vendors be registered in the Vendor Registration System (VRS). VRS Registration is mandatory and supersedes all previous registration efforts undertaken by Broward Health. PLEASE NOTE: A separate registration is required for subsidiaries/entities having different tax identification numbers.

VRS supplies information ONLY and does not constitute an assumed obligation by Broward Health to guarantee contractual award or agreement/contract or an order for a product or service.

Once your VRS registration is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and a copy of the VRS Welcome Letter. To enable VRS e-mail notifications to be recognized as originating from a trusted sender and delivered to your inbox instead of your junk/spam mail, we recommend you do the following for the email accounts you will be providing in sections 1 and 3 of your VRS registration:

NOTE: Do not send emails to or [email protected]. All emails regarding VRS should be sent to [email protected] and emails regarding Supplier Diversity should be sent to [email protected].

Vendor Orientation

Broward Health encourages all registered/certified vendors to attend one of Broward Health's vendor orientation sessions. Orientation outlines the policies and procedures governing "how to do business" with Broward Health.

If you have any questions, please contact Vendor Relations at 954-473-7289 or [email protected].

Vendor Orientation Presentation

Gaining Access to Broward Health Facilities

Broward Health has implemented IntelliCentrics "Sec3ure" to help manage vendor access and credentials. All vendor representatives visiting any Broward Health facility must sign up for the “no charge” Base Membership with Sec3ure.

  • Sign up for the “Free – No Charge” Base Membership HERE.
  • On each visit to a Broward Health facility, vendors must check-in/out at the Sec3ure Vendor Kiosk to print a Sec3ure Vendor Access Badge, before proceeding through Security.


Small Business Vendor Certification

Broward Health’s Small Business Vendor Certification process is a validation process used to determine if a vendor is eligible to participate in Broward Health’s Economic and Small Business Development Initiative. Broward Health accepts various federal, state, and local certifications. All vendors wishing to be recognized as Broward Health Small Business Vendors, must register in VRS and upload documentation evidencing an accepted, current, and valid certification (with a date of expiration no less than (60) days of the certification’s upload into VRS) issued by one of Broward Health’s Certification Partners as provided below.

Broward Health accepts the following Local, State and Federal small business certifications based solely on the governmental agencies’ or U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) small business size standards. Vendors submitting any current and valid certifications meeting small business size standards from the below entities will be deemed as meeting the criteria as a Broward Health Small Business Vendor.

Broward Health’s Certification Partners

Broward Health has a verification process for small and locally owned businesses that allow companies to self-declare Small Business Vendor status (“Verified Small Business Vendor”). Those Small Business Vendors that do not have a current Small Business Vendor Certification from one of Broward Health’s Certification Partners or choose not to be certified as a Small Business Vendor with one of Broward Health’s Certification Partners are encouraged to complete a Verified Small Business Vendor affidavit, affirming the company’s small business status. The affidavit attests that the company is certified in one of Broward Health’s recognized categories of Small Business Vendors or has self-declared such status with a federal, state or local governmental agency, not listed as an approved Broward Health Certification Partner. Vendors that register as a small business in the System for Award Management (“SAM”) administered by the U.S. General Services Administration must provide a copy of the vendor’s SAM registration profile, noting the confirmed size standard by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the SAM Unique Entity ID number, and the expiration date of the vendor’s SAM registration. In addition to SAM, vendors can provide a profile printout from SBA's Dynamic Small Business Search, noting the NAICS codes with size determinations.

It is the goal of Broward Health’s Office of Economic and Small Business Development to have all vendors meeting the Small Business Vendor certification criteria to become certified. The Verified Small Business Vendor status is intended to be a “temporary” status used for tracking and to ensure the accuracy and credibility of Broward Health’s procurement data for Small Business Vendors. A vendor’s status as a Verified Small Business Vendor does not grant eligibility to participate in Broward Health’s Small Business Vendor Enhancements (e.g., sub-contracting/second-tier participation, Quote Price Tolerance, RFP Scoring Enhancements, etc.).

Broward Health's Certified Small Business Vendor Directory

Broward Health has transitioned to a Small Business Initiative, please click here for a current list of BH's Certified Small Business Vendors (CSBVs). Also, Prime vendors looking for CSBVs, please utilize the Small Business Vendor listings / directories of BH's approved Certification Partners via the links above.

For More information, please contact:

Office of Economic and Small Business Development


[email protected]